Tips for Treatment

Your dog has arthritis?

Here are some tips for you to follow during treatment and also as a part of good care for your arthritic dog:

  1. Allow your dog to rest and allow the healing and recovery process to progress.
  2. Gentle exercise is advisable during treatment and for a week or two following. While your dog may feel better very shortly following treatment, vigorous exercise could aggravate the disease and arthritis process before the healing process is sufficiently progressed.
  3. It is essential that you complete the full course of four injections. While good results may occur early in the treatment process, in order to get the full benefits of healing and repair and have long-term healthy joints the best outcomes are achieved when all four injections are administered as per the product registration.
  4. Keep your dog in a warm and comfortable place
  5. Keep your dog as dry as possible and out of draughty areas
  6. Obesity is detrimental as the joints are made to carry extra weight. For the well being of your pet, check with your veterinarian about any recommended weight loss.


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