Pentosan Polysufate as a Disease Modifier of Cartilage Degeneration in Experimental Osteoarthritis

Unique research for Biopharm Australia proving Cartrophen products significantly improve clinical signs of osteoarthritis and articular cartilage structure and function.

Equine osteoarthritis (OA) may be considered as a group of disorders characterized by a common end stage: progressive deterioration of the articular cartilage accompanied by changes in the bone and soft tissues of the joint. The deterioration of the articular cartilage is characterized by local splitting and fragmentation (fibrillation) of articular cartilage. Synovitis and joint effusion are often associated with the disease, and, clinically, the disease is characterized by pain and dysfunction of the affected joint.

Several epidemiologic studies have found that lameness due to joint disease is the most significant factor responsible for inability to race and loss of performance.

read the full publication here – Journal of Arthrtitis

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