EVA QLD State Meeting 28.09.17

Biopharm Australia Sponsor the QLD EVA State Meeting

On the 28th of September Biopharm Australia attended the EVA QLD State meeting at the Regatta hotel in Brisbane. We the manufactures of Cartrophen Equine Forte were one of the proud sponsors at the meeting. The topic of the night was the much-discussed Hendra Virus.

Both Dr. Mel Taylor and Dr. Hume Field were the guest speakers on the night.

Brief Biography

Dr. Hume Field is an international authority on emerging zoonoses associated with bats. His formal qualifications include veterinary science, environmental science and infectious disease epidemiology. Dr. Field played an immense part of the identification of the different species of bats as the natural reservoir of Hendra virus and Australian bat lyssavirus. He also worked in the identification of species of bats of Nipah virus in Malaysia and Indonesia, SARS coronavirus in China, and Reston Ebolavirus in the Philippines.

Dr. Mel Taylor from the University of Western Sydney is an occupational psychologist and a member of the UWS Disaster Response and Resilience Research Group. She led a three-year research project funded through the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) from the National Hendra Virus Research program in partnership with the University of Sydney, Biosecurity Queensland and Biosecurity NSW. The aims of the project are to ensure that ‘horse people’ are included at the center of Hendra virus-related policy development and research.

Dr. Hume Field spoke about how the history of the virus and how we know about it today. Mel Taylor spoke about their findings from the report. The report “Longitudinal cohort study of horse owners HHALTER: Horse owners and Hendra virus: A Longitudinal Study To Evaluate Risk” can be read here.

To find out more about this topic visit the AVA website here.

Overall it was a very interesting evening. Vaccinate against the virus with the APVMA approved Equivac®HeV was the main message which was given on the night.


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