Cartrophen Vet sponsors the EVA NSW State Meeting

On Tuesday the 29th November I attended the EVA NSW State Meeting which was held in MGSM Macquarie University. We, Cartrophen Vet were one of the sponsors along with Provet, Randlab and Boehringer Ingelheim.

The evening kicked off with drinks and a chat to some follow equine enthusiast.

Perth based Dr. Cristy Secombe then took the stage to give a very informative talk about lower respiratory diseases likely to impact performance. She is a clinician at The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University and a Senior lecturer in equine medicine.

She spoke about Inflammatory Airways Disease and Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage.

IAD or equine asthma is a common problem in Australian.

Cristy discussed the importance for the owner and vet to review the clinical signs, like a cough, which can indicate whether the horse has IAD or not.

She also informed us about the important on environmental management and specifically reducing exposure to dust and allergens, simple things like wetting forage and placing it on the ground instead of using hay nets. Also removing the horses while bedding down or sweeping can help as dust plays a big contribute in the development of IAD.

The second topic she gave a talk about was EIPH or “bleeding” which is widely recognized in the racing industry.

She talked about how to diagnose EIPH by doing an endoscopic observation of blood in the airway 30-90 minutes after exercise provides definitive evidence of EIPH. Another indicator of bleeding is the presence of the red blood cell breakdown product hemosiderin in lung macrophage. These are detected from tracheal wash or bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)

The question if EIPH effect performance is still one that is highly debatable. Mild bleeding is likely to have no effect but severe bleeding would lead to a decreasing amount of oxygen uptake in the lungs. Blood may flood many of the airways which make is difficult to exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Cristy talk was followed by a questions and answer round.

After a beautiful dinner we were introduced to Dr. Jen Clulow from Tamworth Equine Veterinary Clinic. Jen is a registered specialist in equine reproduction which studied in both the American college of theriogenology and in the University of Sydney. Dr. Clulow spoke to the group about Reproductive examination of broodmares and racing fillies for sale.

The examination allows the vet to evaluate the mare’s reproductive organs, associated structures and to report any abnormalities or conditions discovered.

Each examination may be different as many purchasers also require a general health check of the broodmare, therefore an examination such as feet, eyes and mouth is required. She highlighted the importance of clear communication between the purchaser and the vet so that the requirements are matched.

She also went through the general surgical rick which included haemorrhage, infection, pain, neurological problems and inadvertent injury.

Rectal Tear was another topic Jen touched on and how occasionally a filly can suffer a rectal tear while undergoing rectal palpation.

Overall it was a great night and we are happy to be a proud sponsor of this successful EVA NSW State Meeting.


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